Kahublagan’s Projects and Programs

Research and Development

Period Covered Project Title Nature Fund Source
May 15, 2016- Dec. 15, 2016 Adopting Sustainable Financing Mechanism on Water Services for the Benefit of Watershed Communities Research Foundation for Philippine Environment Inc. (FPE) with counterpart from Kahublagan’s General Fund
Sept. – Nov. 2015 Advancing MOOCs for Development Initiative Survey research IREX, USAID and Technology and Social Change, University of Washington Information School
2008 – 2009 Scaling-up Demonstration Project on Rainwater Harvesting at Tigum Aganan Watershed Strengthening of the Tigum-Aganan Watershed Management Board composed  of nine (9) member municipalities and 12 multi-sectoral members to scale-up rainwater harvesting technologies.

Advocacy and capacity building on RWH technology for the nine LGUs in the Tigum-Aganan Watershed

Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program


(The proposal on Scaling-up Demonstration Project on Rainwater Harvesting  was an entry to the 2008 Panibagong Paraan Competition in Manila hosted by World Bank.   The entry was adjudged 1st Place winner on Environment Category).

2008-2009 Engaging Farmer-Researchers in the Study of Rainwater Harvesting Study on the use rainwater harvesting facilities inn agriculture Ateneo School of Governance
2008-2009 Rainwater Harvesting in Urban Barangays Integration of the  use of rainwater harvesting technology in urban barangay  in order to supplement the existing water system Coca-Cola Foundation
2007-2008 Rainwater Harvesting for Climate Change Adaptation Demonstration of rainwater harvesting of different applications to minimize  the projected impact of  climate change

Awareness campaign on the use of  rainwater harvesting

Increasing  access to water by improving the  ground and surface water recharge.

United Nations Development Program
2006 to present Women of the Watershed, Livelihood for Environment (WOW-LiFE) Production and Marketing of Organic Products  of the Women of Watershed  Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program
2001 to present Rainwater Harvesting Promotion Capability building  and information campaign rainwater harvesting and utilization


1995 to present Micro Lending Program Lending to farmers and small entrepreneurs Initial investment of P500,000, sustained by income
2005 to 2009 Ugat Sang Tubig Radio Program  IEC regarding water and watershed protection and conservation and other environment related issues Kahublagan’s General Fund, Iloilo Watershed Management Council
2003 to 2005 Technical Assistance to the Iloilo Watershed Management Council  Building of watershed organizations through coaching, secretariat work and assistance at the Technical Working Groups of IWMC and other river boards. Kahublagan’s Appropriation, P120,000 a year
1999 to present Secretariat Work to the Philippine Watershed Management Coalition  Website maintenance, production of Watershed Magazine and networking with national and international organisations Kahublagan’s General Fund (when available)
Apr. 2004 to Jun. 30, 2006 Biodiversity Conservation in  Sibalom Watershed Capability building of upland communities in Sibalom Watershed UNDP Small Grants Program
March 1 to October 31, 2005 WQMA (Water Quality Management Area) Information Dissemination Project Information campaign regarding  water quality management through  Ugat sang Tubig Radio Program, Barangay Information Centers, Public Journalism and Media Involvement and Distribution of IEC Materials The Asia Foundation
 January 2002 to December 2003  Working Towards Hydrosolidarity: Managing Upstream-Downstream Concerns Capability Building for Tigum-Aganan Watershed Management Board through Conflict Resolutions, Problems Solving Of Upstream-Downstream Issues In The Watershed  The Ford Foundation
Jan. 2001 to April 2004 Watersheds’ Learning Communities Extension Continuation of IEC and mobilization of communities through radio broadcast.

Establishment of social structures to support people’s initiatives as result of IEC.

The Ford Foundation
July 1998 to June 1999 Watersheds’ Learning Communities: a Non-formal Education Program  A radio program intended for the watershed communities with support training for ecological livelihood technologies. Also includes women and networking components. The Ford Foundation
July to November 1998 Watershed Learning Communities Communication Baseline Study Survey and study of secondary data  The Ford Foundation
July 1997 to June 1999, extended up to August 31, 1999 Rehabilitation of the Maasin Watershed. Comprehensive site development, information education campaign, immersed community organizing, institutional capability building for Barangay and people’s organization            OECF/DENR
July 1997 to June 1999 Research Issues on Community-based Resource Management for Watershed Rehabilitation  Action research on selected issues on how a federation of people’s organization manage the rehabilitation of a Watershed (at Maasin)     Kahublagan’s Fund
March 1999 to June 1999 Women in the Watershed Case Study   The Ford Foundation
July 1995 to June 1997 Extension Work and the Role of Women in Water Catchment Rehabilitation(Paper submitted to the 8th International Conference on Rainwater Catchment Systems, April 25-29, 1997 at Tehran, Iran).  Study of the type of appropriate social intervention needed for catchment rehabilitation – Maasin Watershed      Kahublagan’s Fund
1994-1996 Rehabilitation of the Maasin Critical Watershed, Phase I Community Organizing            DENR VI
April, 1995 to June, 1997 Study of Community-Based Resource Management at the Maasin Watershed Action Research using participative observation and documentation of management approaches for the rehabilitation of Maasin Watershed.  Paper on Experiences and Lessons submitted to the CBRM Consultative Meeting, Nov. 19-21, 1997, Cebu City       Kahublagan’s Fund
July to November 1997 Situation Study of  Maasin Watershed – 1997 Update Baseline socio-economic study for community organizing        OECF/DENR
1990-1991 Feasibility Study of the rehabilitation of the Maasin Watershed Socio-economic and bio-physical study Regional Development Council VI
August to December, 2002 Study on Rainwater Harvesting Exploratory research on practices of rainwater harvesting in the Philippines        World Bank
Continuing program People’s Organization for Street Children Supervision of education, health concerns and capability building of parents’ organization DILG/UNICEF: FOOD for Work-UNDP
October 1998 to March 1999 External Evaluation of the HELP (Health, Education, Literary and Poverty Alleviation) project of the Council for the University Research and extension of the West Visayas State University. Program evaluation West Visayas State University
January-December, 1998 Marketing of Solid Waste Management Training for LGUs


Training program  Kahublagan’s Fund
1997 – 2002 Assistance to Iloilo City Task Force on Solid Waste Management Technical Assistance  Kahublagan’s Fund
1994-1995 Exploratory Assessment Study of the Iloilo River Rapid Rural Appraisal Local Gov’t Support Project of CIDA: Part of the  contract for environmental enhancement of LGUs
June 1992  – February 1993 Evaluation of Early Childhood Care and Development at Guimaras, Island Evaluation research Small Credit Facility (SCF)
April to May, 1993 ANIAD Women in Development Program Evaluation Evaluation Research Royal Embassy of the Netherlands
Dec. 1991 – May 1992 Case Studies for the Evaluation of  Negros Rehabilitation and Dev’t Fund Project Case writing            NRDF/CIDA
1991 Survey of Disabled Persons Survey in Region VI RDC VI, part of P1.1M fund for study of Economic Opportunities
April 1997 to March 1998 Study of Housing for Low Income Groups, focusing on Pricing and Finance Survey and study of secondary data J.F. Ledesma Foundation /Ford Foundation
October 1997 Strategic Planning for Forest Protection at Iloilo Province ZOP Workshop or Goal oriented project planning DENR – food and accommodation, KSPFI-personnel services
1989 to 1997 Management Approaches in the Watershed Resource at Maasin, Iloilo A historical analysis of the various types of approaches used in managing the Maasin Watershed    Kahublagan’s Fund
3 mos. 1993 Early Childhood Care and Development Practices: A Participatory Community Study at the Villages of Guimaras and Iloilo City Baseline of practices as inputs for the design of an early childhood program. Small Credit Facility  (SCF)
July 1994 to June 1995 LGU Capability Building for Environmental Enhancement Training for Barangay Development Council of 9 barangays along the Iloilo river Local Gov’t Support Project of the Canadian International Development Agency
1989-1990 Institutionalization of Data Banking System System design, program installation, and training   TDI-NEDA/USAID
1990-91 Potable Water for the Rural Areas Community training and construction of rainwater catchment cisterns and water pump installation.  President’s Social Fund
1988-89 Evaluation and Documentation of Rainwater Catchment Project Evaluation research International Development and Research Centre (IDRC)-Canada
April 1999 Roundtable Conference with Resource Institutions Consultation Workshop and Documentation report for the Philippine Watershed Management Coalition  The Ford Foundation
One year, July 1994-June 1995 Effective Use of development Theatre for HIV/AIDS Prevention: An Action Research Communication Research PHANSUP-Phil. HIV-AIDS NGO Support Program
1987-1988, one year Study of Urban Poverty Towards Democratization of Social and Economic Opportunities: working children and youth. Survey, case studies  of working children in Iloilo City.            PDPR, NEDA VI
1986, 7 mos. Street Children: An Exploratory Study Survey, interviews            UNICEF
1988-89 Study of Children in Armed Conflict Workshop, case studies conducted with children of soldiers and rebels.            UNICEF
October-December, 1996 Situation of Solid Waste Management at Iloilo City Participatory study of waste generation, collection, storage and disposal of waste in the City, used as material for training            KSPFI
Two-day workshop Solid Waste Management Plan for Bingawan A planning workshop attended by LGU, schools, and community representatives       Kahublagan’s Fund
2 years, 1995 and 1996 Partnership in Community Health Program for Dagami Strengthening of health Delivery System at the barangay through the LGU Health Committee    Department  of Health
1989 to 19991, 18 mos. Local Resource Management Project Community Organizing         NEDA, USAID
1 year, 1993 School Building Project Construction of 4 school building in   President’s Social Fund
2 years, 1993 Community-based Program for Street Children Community Organizing   President’s Social Fund
1 year, 1995 ACCORD-Benefits Service Program Training, Service delivery assistance replicating sustainable family planning models. ACCORD-Negros, USAID thru John Snow Institute
one year, 1995 Street Children Nutrition Education Program Provision of street educators in 3 urban slums to assist families on nutrition education, value formation and community organizing activities Urban Basic Services Program, Australian Int’l Dev’t Assistance Bureau
1 YEAR, 1995 Vitamin A Deficieny – Assistance Training for Barangay Health Workers, community groups, parents, on how to identify VAD and what to do Helen Keller Int’l and USAID
Continuing Barangay Ecological Waste Management Barangay based training for ecological waste management       Registration fees
Continuing Integrated Watershed Management Area-based or watershed based training for community-based and localized watershed management.      Registration fees
1995-1999 Partnership in Community Health at Maasin (PHCD) Replication of the PHCD program in all barangays of the Maasin Watershed            KSPFI
April 1997 to March 1998 Partners in Community Health Development for Calansanan Capability building for the health units of the local government and organization of parents  Department of Health (DOH) Region 6
1995-96 Organizing for Forest Land Management Agreement at Northern Iloilo Community Organizing            DENR-6
1996 Bio-Intensive Gardening Community-based gardening for family use, commercial use, and nutrition enhancement Helen KELLER International, USAID
1995 Iloilo Province Potable Water Supply Construction of rainwater catchment cisterns, water pumps, training, and organizing   President’s Social Fund
1994 Dalangpan Temporary Shelter for Street Children Provision of direct basic services: food, health needs, and recreation.   President’s Social Fund
1972-1980 Building Christian Communities Community Organizing under Parish organization – St. Clement’s Parish   Volunteers 

Enterprise Development Services

Period Covered Project Title Nature Fund Source
Continuing program Enterprise Development Services Management training, technical advising for identification of economic opportunities, feasibility studies and organization of groups’ or individual enterprises
  •   KSPFI, market based
1999 Training Center Management §  Facility and program management§  Creating environment training programs as services to the public.
  •   Kahublagan
1994-1995 IYB-MTM Training (Management Tools Modules) Management training with management tools in CAR, Region 1, Region IV, Region X and Region VI-Negros
1997 Training of Trainers and Entrepreneurs-Metalcraft and Garment Sectors Training in management tools modules of metalcraft entrepreneurs at Sta. Barbara, Iloilo
  •  Int”l Labor Organization
1996 IYB-MTM Training (Management Tools Modules) FOR Vocational and Technical Schools Entrepreneurship training for vocational and technical schools
  •   TESDA
1996 Training Needs Assessment in Batangas Interviews, focus groups discussion, shop visits
1996 Training Needs Assessment in La Union, Metro Dagupan and West Pangasinan Interviews, focus group discussion, shop visits
1991 Training for Rural Gainful Employment in Region VI, a baseline study Survey of training programs of government and non-government institutions in Region VI
  •   International Labour Organization