PWMC History


 In 1998, one hundred twenty graduates of the course in Watershed Management Program of the Asian Institute of Management sponsored by the Ford Foundation and the DENR agreed to start a watershed coalition. These graduates, coming from the local government units, DENR offices and the non-government organizations and people’s organizations acted as conveners to forge the creation and strengthening of watershed management teams. A close collaboration with Local Government Units had ignited the interest of the group to coalesce.



 We, the participants of the first national members’ assembly of the Philippine Watershed Management Coalition believe and hereby support the following operable principles relevant to the advancement of watershed management in the Philippines.

We also pledge to bring down this first draft of these Precepts to our constituents through cluster and member team’s discussions and consultations.


On People

  • People should always be given the preferential option.
  • Manage people and communities in place.
  • People participation in all activities in the watershed such as planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.


On Area Jurisdiction

  • The coalition shall endeavor to support and assist local government units in the preparation of its comprehensive land use plan.
  • A strong organizational structure should be encouraged in each local watershed cluster to define individual responsibilities.
  • The coalition shall adopt a multi-level and multi-sectoral consultation in resolving management issues affecting management of watersheds.
  • Co-management by all stakeholders shall be encouraged by the coalition.


On Tenure

  • The coalition should advocate for the participation of upland communities in the protection and rehabilitation of watersheds through appropriate compensation for investment they make with the mechanism of tenure.
  • Delineate areas of manageable sizes according to capabilities in managing the areas. With people’s help define the utilization of planted tress/non-timber species in designated areas.


On Management of Natural Resources

  • The coalition shall advocate for the collection of user’s fees by watershed management councils or PAMB for the protection and development of watershed.
  • The coalition shall promote equitable sharing of benefits generated from the watershed.
  • The coalition shall work for the strict implementation of bio-prospecting law.
  • The coalition shall advocate the policy of “no mining” except regulated extraction of sand and gravel, inside the watershed reserve.


Done this 25th day of September 1999 at Shalom Center, Malate,Metro Manila.


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